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Others save text. We store facts & knowledge.


Of course there are many BPM tools. With some you can even save properties in your processes. But we go one step further.


What if the information also had a quality that could be read out and actually processed? What if you could already present your expectations in your processes and projects? Measure, optimize, calculate and automate - put your company in the fast lane!


Save costs through professional business management


Many companies save the cost of a project management tool and instead work with Excel, for example. As a rule, unfortunately, this often leads to losing track of things at a later point in time. Costs and time planning deviate far from the plan, more meetings have to take place in order to take countermeasures and overall the stress and pressure in the team increases. You should therefore use a tool right at the beginning that is easy to use, offers you a quick overview at all times, automatically creates and sends status reports and keeps PMO costs low.


Make complex projects controllable again


You've experienced this: What was simple at the beginning quickly turned into an elefant project. Large teams seem to work everywhere at once trying to move the project forward. But the overview is missing. Responsibilities are unclear. The feeling in the team grows that one achieves little and that the big goal is impossible to reach. in large project plans quametrics can recognize at which point the project can be divided into smaller units. Several smaller teams work on compact work packages – comparable to a beehive.


The advantages of such a swarm project:

  • The team remains focused and uses direct, optimal commutation.

  • Regular completion of the sub-projects ensure a sense of achievement and motivate.

  • The team and the project management keep an overview.

  • Time delays become visible more quickly and can be rectified more quickly

  • Small teams are more flexible and fault-tolerant in the overall project.


Be assured that more groups will not mean more work for you. quametrics keeps track of things in the background. When a work package is completed, the system automatically notifies the following work group.


Automatic status reports


With quametrics you have the option of receiving status reports at predefined times – generated by your employees or generated automatically.


If goals cannot be achieved or deadlines cannot be met, the responsible employee provides the reason, impact and a proposed solution. Those responsible are automatically informed by email and can approve changes or initiate a clarification. Delays can be resolved faster and more efficiently, and projects are less likely to run out of control.


Realistic process management


At the beginning of a process plan there is often a rough idea of ​​what you want to achieve. Once the process has been documented, it is usually no longer updated and, over time, moves further and further away from the reality of work. The process plan becomes obsolete.


With quametrics you can incorporate measuring points into your process as you wish and check whether production or service processes are running according to specifications. After evaluating the process data, you can identify weaknesses in the process within a short period of time and continuously optimize them. The dusty files become a lived process documentation as a digital tool of the company management.


Well prepared for the next audit


Internal quality control, an external certification body or auditor - when the next audit is due, most companies start to feel uncomfortable. However, fully documented, quality-assured processes can withstand an audit at any time.


Comprehensive documentation


The basis of an efficiently working company is that all processes are clear. Responsibilities are regulated and known in the project team. Every relevant employee can find out at any time exactly how and what has to be done. Very few companies actually live this ideal.


This becomes particularly clear when well-trained employees leave the team. For example, because they are retiring, are on a longer vacation or are suddenly absent for an indefinite period due to illness. When problems then arise, colleagues are often left with question marks. Until the solution is found - if one is found at all - a lot of time passes and solutions are expensive.


However, if the processes in the company are carefully maintained, you are less dependent on individual people and at the same time there is less pressure on your colleagues. New team members can familiarize themselves more quickly and independently.


Knowing exactly how something has to be done and when is the most valuable asset your company possesses. We call it corporate knowledge. And we help you to preserve and protect it sustainably. Document processes and projects automatically with quametrics.

What we also offer

The corporate glossary


quametrics offers the possibility to set up your own digital glossary in which common terms are defined and stored.
All terms and objects that are used in processes and projects are automatically saved in the company glossary. In this way, company knowledge is continuously enriched and remains permanently available. Everyone talks about the same things and there are fewer misunderstandings.


Idea board


Ideas and suggestions for improvement from companies can trigger innovations, save costs or improve existing products. Your employees are close to the action and often notice where the problems are and what can be improved. Establish a culture of continuous improvement around procedures and processes. This potential should be used systematically. We will help you with the quametrics ideas board. In this way, the creative potential of your employees is not lost.

Getting started with quametrics


  • Contact us to test quametrics.

  • Choose from a cloud-based solution on secure German data centers or a cloud provider of your choice. Upon request, we can also provide quametrics on your own hardware on-premise. It is important to us that your data remains your data.

  • Implement the data you have already collected from Excel, standards or other data in just a few steps.

  • You don't have the resources or you don't have the time? We will help you with our digitization service!


every employee

  • With the work instructions from the processes, you can be sure that you are performing your tasks correctly

  • You can save your ideas for optimization in the company on the idea board

  • In the company glossary you can read how certain terms are defined in the company for more clarity


process owners

  • Make changes in the processes or projects – the communication to the team is automatic

  • Use the intelligent help to divide projects that are too big into smaller units with just one click

  • Your process planning will be more realistic

  • Track the progress of the project, for example through automated status reports



  • Check the status of a project at any time in real time

  • You will be automatically informed if a project is delayed

  • Simulate possible improvements and changes in the process

  • Make more informed strategic decisions

  • Save costs, meeting time and nerves

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